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Black Foreigners in Ukraine
About Us

Since Friday, 25th February, 2022, there has been a small but mighty effort by dedicated individuals around the globe connected by technology, who are working to help Black, African and other marginalized foreigners and students escape Ukraine. This effort is under the volunteer coalition of Black Foreigners in Ukraine (BFU).

BFU supports individuals by providing funds for transportation, connecting people to on-the-ground volunteer escape vehicles, transferring crypto funds for food and temporary housing, and working to create partnerships with universities so that students may continue their studies upon leaving Ukraine.

After widespread reports of racism and discrimination at various transport stations and border points in Ukraine, civilians around the world mobilized and have coordinated efforts to get foreigners safely out of Ukraine – with a focus on Black and African students.

While we have overseen the evacuation and relocation of at least 200 Black foreign nationals, more work needs to be done and this fundraiser ensures that the continuous work of dozens of volunteers progress, where all funds raised go to only the victims of this tragic invasion.
Help for Africans in Ukraine

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